Ipswich-Parker Suburban WATershed CHannel

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A web site dedicated to providing the public with environmental data for the Ipswich River and Parker River watersheds. Use the menu bar above or click on the expanded basin area below to see a more detailed map
Current Conditions
August 4, 2013
Ipswich River
@ S. Middleton Unavailable
(0.00 cfs)
@ Ipswich Unavailable
(0.00 cfs)
Fish Habitat Quality
@ Ipswich Good
Water Quality @ N. Reading
Temperature No data
(Instrument pulled for winter)
Dissolved Oxygen No data
(Instrument pulled for winter)
pH No data
(Instrument pulled for winter)
Parker River
@ Byfield Unavailable
(0.00 cfs)
Fish Habitat Quality
@ Byfield Good
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Project Partners
Town of Ipswich Environmental Protection Agency UNH Global Hydrology Research Group Parker River Clean Water Association 8 Towns & the Bay
YSI Corporation Ipswich River Watershed Association U.S. Geological Survey Massachusetts Watershed Initiative Marine Biological Laboratory

National Science Foundation Merrimack Valley Planning Commission CICEET